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Amazing Animal Encounters on a School Trip to Costa Rica


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While Costa Rica may be teeming with wildlife, many of Costa Rica’s most popular animal inhabitants prefer to stay hidden within the rainforests.


Finding ways to encounter these animals for a hands-on learning experience will enhance any biology, ecology, or conservation curriculum.


Guided tours and service experiences will give your group the chance to get up-close and learn about the delicate balance of the rainforest ecosystem. Your student travel consultant can help you choose an opportunity that is right for your group size and that fits with the educational goals of your tour.


Environmental Education and Rehabilitation Center


One option is the Proyecto Asis, which offers a range of volunteer programs and service learning options


The Center focuses on eMonkey Eating in Costa Rica.jpgnvironmental education as well as animal rescue and rehabilitation of animals and birds.


There is an option to take a guided tour to learn about the Center’s mission and then spend a half day volunteering, which is a good option for groups who have a full itinerary. 



Marine Wildlife


If your group is heading to the coast, the Ostional Wildlife Refuge offers a unique
opportunity to learn about protected marine turtle species, such as the Olive Ridley (Lora) and Leatherback (Baula) at Playa Ostional on the Nicoya Peninsula.


One of the best times of year for a guided, educational tour is during the high season for nesting that runs from August to October, although nesting does happen monthly at the Nancite beach at Santa Rosa National Park.


Night Hike

An evening oGreen frog frame.jpgption for environmental education is a guided night hike with an experienced guide and naturalist.


More than half of the country’s wildlife is nocturnal, so you’ll need to head out into the darkness where you’ll most likely see more in the dark than you would expect.


Headlamps, flashlights, and a guide who knows where to look will open the eyes of your group to the secrets of the rainforest at night.  


For more information a hands-on, educational tour of Costa Rica, please contact us.


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