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These U.S. Airports have the Best and Worst TSA Wait Times

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Dec 27, 2019 10:22:08 AM

The most stressful part of student travel for trip leaders and chaperones can often be the thought of getting all the students efficiently through airport security.  Not surprisingly, one of our most popular blog posts is about advice for reducing airport stress when traveling with a school group.  According to a new study conducted by Upgraded Points, these are the U.S. airports with the best and worst TSA security wait times.

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TSA's Packing Tips for Holiday Travel

Travelers flying in the next two weeks need to be well-prepared as the TSA is predicting a record-breaking number of travelers this holiday season. 


Experienced travelers know that the key to efficient airline travel is smart packing, but what about all the eggnog, poinsettias, and Christmas gifts you need to pack?  Should you wrap your presents before flying or wait until you arrive at your destination?  What about bringing Aunt Sally's leftover fruit cake back home with you?  Is that even allowed past security?   Check out TSA's top recommendations for 2019 Holiday Travel to answer all your questions:

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What You Need to Know about Changes Coming to TSA and Airports in 2020

There is an important change coming to airport security in 2020.  We encourage school groups planning trips in 2020 to consider the changes to TSA security, particularly in regards to adult trip chaperones. 

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