Browse Locations for STEM Trips

Browse Locations for STEM Trips

Scientific Discoveries Await

Destination-based programs offer students the opportunity to extend their learning in ways that deepen understanding, increase interest, and develop an appreciation for the world around them. Students can discover the fragile ecosystems of natural habitats, experience the magic of imagination and innovation at theme parks and museums, and study along side experts in all areas of STEM education.


Customize a trip that compliments your curriculum while also experiencing new cultures and enjoying new adventures with your students on a STEM-based educational tour.


Are you ready to provide a hands on learning experience for your students?

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Air Travel

Your flights will be convenient to maximize your tour time. Whenever possible, flights are direct to and from your gateway city.

All Inclusive

Everything is covered to make planning as simple as possible for trip leaders, students, and families.

The Perfect Balance of Meaningful Experiences

STEM Education

The varied landscapes, diversity wildlife, and access to field experts will make your STEM-based tour an extraordinary experience. These destinations are ideal for hands-on learning in the areas of ecology, biology, agriculture, physics, and space science. Through field study, volunteer experiences, and research, students will be immersed in experiences that help them build connections to prior learning and consider future possibilities for themselves in STEM-focused areas of study.

STEM Trip - Marine Excursion

Cultural Immersion

Exploring a new destination offers you and your students the chance to meet new people and to experience new cultures. Learn from skilled artisans and craftspeople, engage in a class exchange, and explore other culutres through dance, language, and culinary arts. Museums and theaters also offer the chance to elevate their thinking as they make connections to classroom lessons.

STEM School Trips - Cultural Immersion


Each of the STEM destinations offers natural beauty and varied landscapes that allow your group to enjoy new adventures that put the fun into hands-on learning. Get your adrenaline pumping with ziplining, whitewater rafting, or an airboat in the Everglades. If you prefer to take it slow, paddle the mangroves, snorkel a reef, or enjoy a hike with an expert naturalist as your guide. Every experience will be one they remember for a lifetime.

STEM School Trips - Jungle Adventure

These trips are great for...

Middle School Student

Reaching Middle School Minds

At NationsClassroom, we know the minds of tweens are busy trying to figure out the world while getting side tracked by hormones and emotions. Reaching them through experiences that offer the thrill of adventure with the security of trusted adults is the key to a great educational travel experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

High School Students

A Time of Self-Discovery

The high school years are a time of self discovery. Educational tours with NationsClassroom provide new experiences that will open the minds of yours students and help them dream of new opportunities that they had never conceived before.

STEM Discovery

When Experience is Everything

Think of any job you've ever had. What training served you well? Best guess is that it was what you experienced on the job. NationsClassroom will give your students hands-on experiences that apply your STEM-based curriculum in meaningful ways. These will be lessons learned that students will be able to build upon for years to come.

Performance Groups

Build The Cultural Fabric of Their Lives

When students perform and experience the arts in new places, they build self-esteem, motivation, and self-expression. They also gain cultural exposure, witness social harmony, and develop an appreciation of diversity. A performance tour with NationsClassroom allows students to weave their own experiences into the cultural fabric of their lives.

Teachers, parents, and students rave about NationsClassroom tours


“The Florida trip was one of the best that I have ever led. The weather was great and the tour was a blend of fun and experiential learning. My staff, students and parents were ‘wowed’ by the dedication and hard work of your staff. St. Augustine was very under rated and the Ocean Discovery Show at Sea World was great. But the highlight for the students had to be the Kennedy Space Center.”

-Clayton M., Assistant Principal, South Carolina



“I really enjoyed our Disney World tour. I had a great time and learned a lot more than I thought I would. It was great to learn how important my personal brand is on the Disney Y.E.S. program.”


-Joshua G., Student, Kentucky

“Talk about bringing classroom lessons to life.Our entire Florida tour was full of hands-on activities and everything that we did was interactive with our students. The opportunity to have lunch with an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center was amazing for our staff, kids and parents. Once again our Account Manager and On-Tour Support were top notch.”


-Gail C., 8th Grade Teacher, South Carolina

“Our tour of Florida was just incredible. To think that our kids were able to swim with dolphins and learn about the ecosystem in the Everglades while having fun is really just so gratifying for me. Thank you for all that you do to make this great experience simple for me and my parents and a life changing experience for my kids.


-Cammie N. 8th Grade STEM Teacher, Georgia