Educational Travel Consultant / Account Manager

LOCATION - Richmond, VA

COMPENSATION - $35-60,000/yr


Take on the exciting role of an Educational Travel Consultant/Account Manager to work with teachers & educators to plan all facets of student group educational trips to fascinating places throughout the US. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of America’s youth as they learn beyond classroom walls while creating memories that will last a lifetime. In this role you’ll work with a variety of educators and tour partners (airlines, buses, hotels, food establishments, tour guides and tour destinations and inclusions) to plan and conduct trips that impact and inspire students all across the country. You’ll customize each itinerary to make the student group trip memorable for the students and teachers.


What We’ll Expect - Responsibilities

  • Understand the desires of the schools, and develop trip itineraries that achieve the students’ academic and social objectives
  • Gain trust and credibility with educators
  • Manage all aspects of each school educational tour from registration through trip completion
  • Inspire and guide new school tour coordinators through the tour promotion phase
  • Coordinate airlines, buses, hotels, tour attractions, tour guides and meal establishments
  • Provide educators with weekly registration status reports, and tour operations staff with timely requests and reports
  • Manage a variety of details associated with trips for multiple schools simultaneously
  • Some extended hours during peak travel season (March through June) may be required
  • Travel to visit your groups on tour which may include overnight stays, but no more than 14 days a year

What We’ll Expect - Skills/Qualifications

  • Be proactive to understand customers, and predict and overcome potential problems
  • Respond quickly to customers inquiries
  • Collaborate proactively with and support fellow team members who might be struggling
  • Be inquisitive and interested, asking questions to gain clarify and understanding
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously at work and add levity when appropriate
  • Seek clarity and be mindful of the company’s goals and core values
  • Set and achieve priorities in ways consistent with our core values and getting the job done
  • Find the goodness in other team members and support them through actions and words
  • Be open about making mistakes and realize no one team member is perfect
  • Seek to always improve and accept coaching as a means to develop your career
  • Be empathic, caring and taking a genuine interest in others
  • Have a positive, energetic view and have fun at work
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Have a Bachelors degree, but applicable work experience can be a substitute

What You Can Expect From NationsClassroom

  • Highly competitive compensation with the ability to increase earnings based on performance
  • Paid time off starting with 15 days your first year
  • Due to the seasonality of our business-flexible summer hours
  • Excellent benefits package, including medical, dental and life insurance
  • Casual dress, high energy and fun team-oriented environment
  • Supportive leadership team genuinely interested in employees reaching their potential

If inspiring and impacting the lives of students through educational travel is something about which you’re passionate, email us your resume now.


Email Us Your Resume

or email inspire @ nationsclassroom (dot) com

Fun Facts

  • 60% of our team members are former educators.
  • Everyone at NationsClassroom goes on tour at least 14 days a year.
  • 90% of our team has at least one child.
  • Staff pick for best time to go on tour: Fall.
  • Favorite truth: It's not work if you love what you do.
  • 88% of our team traveled when they were in school.
  • Research we believe: 86% of adults who traveled as teens say the experience made them more intellectually curious.
  • Best part of being on tour: Watching the kids' faces.

Parents and students rave about NationsClassroom trips

"I love you guys. You are the best. I can’t wait to start working on next years trip. If we can turn this trip this year with the government shutdown into one of the best trips I've ever taken with my kids then I can only imagine what next year brings. Thanks again for a great trip!"

 - Rich A, Parent, California

"The staff at Nations Classroom has a special way of connecting with our staff, parents, and most important…our students. Their knowledge and expertise supersedes my exceptions every year. We love and appreciate the relationship with Nations Classroom. Thanks for always going the extra distance to make our trip fun, educational and memorable for our students, parents and staff. You put a huge smile on the faces of so many people…including mine. Looking forward to working with “ya’ll” next year."

- Carla J., Teacher, Lexington, Kentucky



"After working with another mega tour company, I was so happy to find an experienced tour company that puts people first. I could relax because I knew from our first conversation that your people LOVE what they do and they put their hearts into doing their best for our kids. Thank you for all you do!"

- Katie S., Teacher, Wisconsin