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School Trip Information for Students

Let’s get you out of the classroom to make learning fun while you create great memories with your friends.

Please ask your Teacher or Trip Leader to share the Tour Informational Letter with you.  This letter describes the tour, includes trip pricing, and provides the Trip ID # that you will need to enroll. 

We look forward to seeing you on tour soon.

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What to Expect

Your school trip will give you the chance to experience new places, learn in new ways, and enjoy time with your friends.

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Registration and Payment

The first step is to register. Ask your Tour Leader or Teacher to share the Trip ID # with you and your parents.

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Browse Our Tours

There are so many places to explore. Check out the educational tours we offer.

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Love To Travel?

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Do you have a question about your school tour?


Are you a parent with a question about your trip or reservation?