The Right Student Travel Relationship

We love serving educators and helping them impact and inspire

students through meaningful travel experiences.


Fortunately, these teachers found the right student travel relationship with us.


Maybe you can relate to one of their stories?

You shouldn't have to compromise.

- Jeff, Middle School Principal in Connecticut

How long were you with your ex?

"I worked with one of the largest student travel companies for five years as the trip leader before I decided it was time for a change, but the school had worked with that company for close to 30 years."

You deserve a trusting relationship.

- Julie, Middle School teacher in Michigan

How long were you with your ex?

"I had traveled on the trip as a chaperone for 10 years before I became the trip leader. I knew right away that it was becoming a one-sided relationship."

Someone should always be there for you.

- Jane and Sue, Teachers in Illinois

How long were you with your ex?

"We have been leading the trip together as a team for 15 years and after 12 years, the company we worked with was sold to a large student travel company. After one year, we knew it was time to start researching our options."

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing.

- Danielle, Principal at a private school in California

How long were you with your ex?

"I worked with my last student travel company for about five years."

The Right Relationship with NationsClassroom

We want you to feel confident in a relationship with us, so we are offering two ways to show our commitment to you, including:

2 plane tickets anywhere in the contiguous United States


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Our Best Trip Ever Guarantee
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