The Right Student Travel Relationship

We love serving educators and helping them impact and inspire

students through meaningful travel experiences.


Fortunately, these teachers found the right student travel relationship with us.


Maybe you can relate to one of their stories?

You deserve a trusting relationship.

- Julie,  Middle School teacher in Michigan

How long were you with your ex?

"I had traveled on the trip as a chaperone for 10 years before I became the trip leader. I knew right away that it was becoming a one-sided relationship."

What went wrong in the relationship?  

“I was putting more time and energy into the tour than my account manager. We had an itinerary that made no sense so we were always late or rushed, our bus company was switched at the last minute, and breakfast was not arranged at our hotel during our last tour, which cost us hours of touring time each day. There were a lot of things that showed neglect and a lack of attention to detail. I lost trust in the company’s interest and ability to meet the needs of our group.”


What were you looking for in a new relationship?

"I wanted a sure thing or a guarantee that it would be better because it was hard to take the leap, even though things were not working. I wanted an account rep who I could trust to deliver a great trip for my kids."


How did you meet NationsClassroom?

"I went back to my email and I found a message from NationsClassroom. I reached out to them and what I liked was that the owner listened to me and he wasn’t pushy. He offered me a “best trip ever guarantee” and that gave me the confidence to make a fresh start."


And now?

"We travel with approximately 300 people each year and my account manager makes sure that every person has a fantastic experience. We maximize our time on tour, never feel rushed and I can trust my account rep and I know that every decision is made in the best interest of the kids."

The Right Relationship with NationsClassroom

We want you to feel confident in a relationship with us, so we are offering two ways to show our commitment to you, including:

2 plane tickets anywhere in the contiguous United States


Cash value up to $500


Our Best Trip Ever Guarantee
If we don't deliver your best student trip ever, we will refund 10% of the total cost of your trip.