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Remembering the Words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, America remembers the great Martin Luther King, Jr.  On April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was fatally shot in Memphis, Tennessee.  His legacy of tireless work towards equality and justice continues today.  


One of the most popular and powerful memorials in Washington, D.C. is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, located in West Potomac Park next to the National Mall.  Did you know that you can read all of King's quotes that adorn the memorial online?  You can read all of the quotes included on the memorial here.   

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Interior of Mount Vernon to Briefly Close for Maintenance

The interior of the Mount Vernon Mansion will be closed for scheduled annual preservation work from January 27 to February 9, 2020. While no interior tours will be held during those two weeks, the rest of the estate and museum will remain open.  Visitors to Mount Vernon during the restoration will receive 25% off general admission prices. 

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How Google Sheets Can Improve Communication on your School Trip

Sarah Kiefer has been co-coordinating her school's annual Washington, D.C. trip since 2012.   And as a Technology Integrator and a Google Certified Trainer she's always discovering ways that technology can improve communication and efficiency on school trips.  In today's blog post, she's sharing her favorite tips for using Google Sheets. 


You won't want to miss her organizational tips guaranteed to improve group communication!



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Happy Birthday Alexander Hamilton!

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Jan 11, 2020 11:07:36 AM

Raise a glass to freedom and to one of America's founding fathers!  The founder of our nation's financial system was born in Charlestown, the capital island of Nevis and the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean.  There is some historical debate about whether he was born on January 11th 1755 or 1757.  He went on to become of America's most influential statesmen, a supporter of the U.S. Constitution, and even introduced plans for the U.S. Mint.

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Attending Field Trips Linked to Stronger Test Scores, School Engagement, and Social-Emotional Skills

Researchers at the University of Arkansas’ National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab have released two papers with some significant implications for classroom teachers and parents: students who attend multiple arts field trips have higher levels of social-emotional skills, stronger school engagement, and higher standardized test scores.  

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How Google Sites Can Help Organize your School Trip

Google Apps are amazing tools for teachers to use when planning an overnight school trip to Washington, D.C. or another popular destination. Google Sites, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Forms can all work together to help you meet and overcome challenges that come with planning an educational tour of this magnitude.

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New Study: Museum-Goers May Live Longer Lives

Is attending more museums part of your New Year's Resolution?  It should be!  Researchers in London have published a study that suggests that being exposed to the arts - museums, opera, theater, etc. - may help people actually live longer.

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The Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Dec 31, 2019 11:04:46 AM

2019 was an exciting year for NationsClassroom and we love sharing our experiences, tips, advice, and love of travel with you on our blog.  As we reflect on our most favorite experiences of 2019, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular blog posts.  


Comment below on what you’d like to read more about in 2020 and we’ll keep ‘em coming!

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These U.S. Airports have the Best and Worst TSA Wait Times

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Dec 27, 2019 10:22:08 AM

The most stressful part of student travel for trip leaders and chaperones can often be the thought of getting all the students efficiently through airport security.  Not surprisingly, one of our most popular blog posts is about advice for reducing airport stress when traveling with a school group.  According to a new study conducted by Upgraded Points, these are the U.S. airports with the best and worst TSA security wait times.

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Happy Holidays from Our Team at NationsClassroom!

Thank you for your support and partnership this year. We hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. 

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