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The 227th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights:  Celebrate with Classroom Resources from the National Constitution Center

Did you know that December 15th marks the 227th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights? The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA has put together a few easy ways teachers can integrate the Bill of Rights in their lesson planning this week - including pdf resources, vidoes, and some pretty creative lesson plan ideas (Bill of Rights BINGO, anyone?)

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New Exhibit at Jamestown Settlement Tells the Personal Stories of Real Women from Jamestown

Colonial Virginia has long been one of NationsClassroom’s most popular school trip destinations.  In fact, Forbes just counted Colonial Williamsburg as one of their “14 Best Places to Travel in 2019.”   The Forbes article highlighted Jamestown’s new exhibit Tenacity: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia as a “timely exhibit” and “a must-see."

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Forbes' List of 14 Best Places to Travel in the U.S. in 2019

Forbes magazine just released the 14 Best Places to Travel in the U.S. - and Colonial and Greater Williamsburg, Virginia made the list!  To compile the list, Forbes Senior Contributor Laura Begley Bloom reached out to 14 of the most “plugged-in travel experts and influencers” to find their opinions for the top places that are on their radars for 2019.


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Our Reviews of the Top Five Washington, D.C. Attractions, reported by U.S. News & World Report

US News & World Report has come out with their “17 Best Things to do in Washington, D.C.” list - can you guess which Washington, D.C. attractions made their top five?

Not surprisingly, their top five attractions are some of our most popular student group attractions when putting together travel itineraries with teachers.  In fact, for each of the top five attractions below, we’ve linked to our blog post providing you personal reviews with the licensed tour guides we work with at NationsClassroom.  For each blog post, our guides provide their tips and advice for taking school groups these popular D.C. spots.


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12 of our Best Hotel Guidelines for Student-Travel Groups

Posted by Julie Leonhardt, Teacher and Student Travel Consultant on Nov 30, 2018 7:00:00 AM

One of the highlights for students traveling on an educational tour is the chance to have a “sleepover” with friends away from home. Thrilling for them, but nerve-racking for some parents who may prefer to share a roof with their kids at all times.


Providing hotel guidelines will set expectations for students while reassuring parents who are sending their children on an overnight field trip. 

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USA Today’s Travel Section: 3 Benefits of Educational Travel for Children

USA Today’s Travel Writer Michelle Kulas outlines a variety of benefits of educational travel in her article “The Benefits of Educational Travel for Children.”  As travel leaders who see the impact of these trips on students regularly, this news does not come as a surprise to us at NationsClassroom.  We’ve highlighted three of Kulas’ major benefits below.

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How to Plan a Student Trip to the East Coast that Lets the American Story Unfold

Posted by John Wheeler, Trip Leader and Middle School Teacher on Nov 26, 2018 3:03:18 PM

Kids have fun when they are learning, and stories provide a great way to learn.  The “Aha! Moment” occurs when things come together in our students' minds, as they understand something they did not understand before.


One way tour organizers can help students with this is to plan a tour around the story of American history in three basic movements: the American Revolution, the Civil War and 20th Century American History and Government.


This can be done with a tour that begins in Philadelphia, continues to Gettysburg, and concludes in  Washington, D.C. Follow along as I walk you through a sample itinerary of what this three-phase tour could look like.

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The History of the Thanksgiving Pardon

Have you or your students ever been curious about the annual presidential turkey pardon?  The White House Historical Association sheds some light on the annual tradition of the White House “Pardoning” of the Thanksgiving Turkey.  

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Treaties with Native Nations on View at the National Archives at New York City

This year, the National Archives at New York City opened a new exhibit titled “Be it Remembered: Treaties with Native Nations.” The exhibit is located in the recently-transformed first floor of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in lower Manhattan, now a dedicated museum space.

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SCHOOL TRIP SPOTLIGHT: National Air and Space Museum at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Posted by Christian Mirasol, Licensed Washington, D.C. Tour Guide on Nov 14, 2018 1:35:29 PM

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum has the world’s largest assemblage of aircraft and space vehicles.  However, most visitors are not aware that the D.C. museum along the National Mall only comprises 10% of the entire collection. The remaining 90% is housed inside the museum’s annex, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, located 25 miles from Washington, D.C. near Dulles International Airport in the suburb of Chantilly, VA.

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