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An English Teacher's Review of Newseum's Today's Front Pages App

Image result for todays front page app newseumAs a high school AP Language and Composition English teacher, the Newseum’s free app Today's Front Pages caught my attention.  I’m always looking for new ways for my students to analyze non-fiction texts in my classroom.  The app claims to bring the front pages of hundreds of newspapers worldwide daily to your phone or tablet.  The best part? It’s free. So could it live up to its claim? I had to see for myself.



IMG_4908I downloaded the app to see how feasible it would be for my students to use it in the classroom.  The app was easy to download, and immediately I could access nearly 20 different newspapers from my home-state of Wisconsin alone.   The newspapers range from local news to national papers across the globe.


The easy-to-use interface allows users to browse by newspaper name or by the map view.  When I zoomed out on the map, I could select from any city worldwide to see the front page of the newspaper. Front page of The Guardian in London? Just a click away.  The image quality is high enough to clearly read the print of the articles and you have the option to send the link or download as PDF.

The potential classroom applications of this app are endless.  Students could compare coverage of breaking news from different cities across the U.S. or even contrast how that coverage compares to the headlines abroad.  Students could analyze editorial content, analyze denotations and connotations of headlines, aIMG_4907nd compare and contrast images and photography that accompany the headlines.  

Need more ideas?  You can browse through more lesson plans and applications published by Newseum.

One reviewer said of the app, “This free, easy to use app is excellent.  It gives you a ton of perspectives and helps you see how people from other states and other countries prioritize what’s important.”  


And I couldn’t agree more.

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