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3 Simple Tips Teachers can do in Summer to Prepare for Fall

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Jul 17, 2020 11:00:00 AM

June is here, the summer solstice has come and gone, and most teachers are officially on summer vacation.  Nothing is more important for teachers than taking some time for self-care and relaxation before the next school year begins in September (or at least before the “Back to School” signs come out in mid-July). 


But before you completely disconnect for summer, here are three easy steps you can take to make sure the next school year begins smoothly. And it won’t take you longer to do than one episode of HGTV’s House Hunters.  I promise. So open up a blank google doc or take out your bullet journal and reflect on these three questions...

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The Horse Statue Symbolism... Fact or Myth?

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Jul 15, 2020 11:00:00 AM

If you have visited Gettysburg National Park, you've seen at least one of the 1,328 monuments, markers, and memorials that are on display across the historic battlefield. You may have even seen one of them any statues of generals mounted on horseback.


But have you heard the urban legend of the horse statue hoof symbolism?


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Study Links Personal Development with Student Travel

A survey of almost 1,500 U.S.-based teachers, commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), found what we at NationsClassroom already know to be true: teachers believe that travel is instrumental to a child’s growth and development.

Travel tied to your curriculum will naturally result in academic gains and increased knowledge retention. In fact, we have an entire blog post dedicated to how students can exceed curriculum standards on a school trip.   

But aside from curriculum gains, the study reported in Travel and Leisure Magazine found that 74 percent of educators believed that travel has “a very positive impact on students’ personal development.”  

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Topics: Emotional growth of tweens and teens, Benefits of Student Travel

July 2nd or July 4th - When is Independence Day?

Happy Independence Day from our team at NationsClassroom Tours. Wherever you're located, we hope you're enjoying the day with family, friends, and barbecue. 


Even though we celebrate Independence Day on the fourth of July, there have been disagreements about the "true" independence day since 1776!


If you asked the Founding Father's when American's Independence Day should be celebrated, you'd likely receive many different answers.

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Topics: School Trip to Philadelphia

Top Ten Social Effects of Student Travel

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Jun 15, 2020 12:00:00 PM

The Student & Travel Youth Travel Association administered a global survey of over 2,000 teachers and tour leaders over the course of two years to study the impact of youth travel on our students. Their findings suggest that "in the current globalized world, travel represents a vital learning experience, and not simply a luxury."  Travel provides relevance to today's students, who are often inundated with standardized tests and curriculum.  

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Topics: Emotional growth of tweens and teens, Benefits of Student Travel

2020 D.C. Peak Cherry Blossom Bloom Predictions Revealed!

Breaking News!  The National Park Service just released information on their "peak bloom" forecast for Washington, D.C.'s famous cherry blossom trees.  And peak season is sooner than you'd think!

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Topics: School Trip to D.C.

TSA Encourages Good Hygiene While Traveling

We at NationsClassroom encourage all travelers to practice good hygiene while traveling: washing hands or applying hand sanitizer regularly, using disinfectant wipes on cell phones, airline/motorcoach seats and tray tables, and following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for travel updates.  Luckily, the TSA is also supportive of practicing good hygiene while traveling.  Read on to find out what hygiene products are allowed through airport security.

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TSA Travel Tips: Traveling with Aerosols

Spring and summer travel means traveling with the popular aerosol sunscreens - but what exactly does the TSA allow in a checked bag and in a carry-on?  Review the TSA's guidelines on traveling with aerosols in today's Travel Tips blog post.

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Which Smithsonian Museum had the Most Visits in 2019?

The results are in!  The number of 2019 visits to each of the Smithsonian Institutions have been tallied and reported.  Can you guess which of your favorite Smithsonian museums had the most visits?

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Topics: Historic Attractions, STEM Attractions

What to Know about the History Channel's "Washington" Miniseries

The History Channel premiered the three-episode docuseries "Washington" on Sunday, Feb. 16th.  What should you know about the critically acclaimed series?  We've got the details for you in today's blog post.

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