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Ghost Stories from the White House

KennedysHalloweenHave you seen Thomas Jefferson's ghost play his violin in the Yellow Oval Room?  Or Abraham Lincoln's ghost in the Lincoln's Bedroom? As Halloween rolls around this week, Americans love a good ghost story.  Not surprisingly, the White House has been the subject of many ghost stories, some dating back to the 1800s. 


This week the White House Historical Association put out a fact sheet revealing many of the rumored ghouls and spirits who haunt the White House.  If you're planning an upcoming class trip to Washington, D.C., this would make for a fun Halloween class activity.


Students can also read more haunted stories about the "Forgotten Ghosts of the White House", written by Chief Historian William Bushong.  


Or, see pictures of how Presidents dating back to Eisenhower celebrated Halloween in the White House on the White House Historical Assocation's website.


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