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'If You See Something, Say Something' Awareness Day

If You See Something, Say Something National Awareness Day Sept 25thThe TSA has designated September 25th as National "If You See Something, Say Something" Awareness Day. 


The campaign works with partners year-round to inspire, empower and educate the public on suspicious activity reporting.  The campaign has identified indicators of terrorism-related suspicious activity - and urges us all to learn the signs and learn how we can all play a role.  



On the campaign's website, the TSA shares essential travel security information on how we can all help keep our communities safe:

  • Learn the Indicators:  The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security have compiled a list of suspicious behaviors in order to help readers identify signs of terrorist-related suspicious activity.  These behaviors include stealing or diverting items - such as equipment, uniforms, or badges - that belong to a facility or secured site, questioning personnel beyond mere curiosity about an event, facility or operations, among others.  Read the full list here.  

  • Test your Awareness:  Videos put together by the Department of Homeland Security to test your ability to notice oddities or suspicious behaviors in your surroundings.  Check out the videos and test your abilities here.  


If you do witness suspicious behavior, you are urged to call 911, not Homeland Security.  When you contact your local law enforcement, be sure to give them the following information using the "5W's":  


Who did you see? What did you see? When you saw it. Where it occurred. Why it's suspicious.



Whether you are on your way to work, walking in your neighborhood, or out and about in your community, remember: We all play a role in keeping our communities safe. 


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