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Independence Day 1776: July 2nd or July 4th?  You Decide!


InterePhilly-LibertyBellsting Fact:  If you asked America's Founding Fathers what date America's "Independence Day" should be recognized on, you'd likely find their answers to vary.  Here's why...


On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress approved a resolution and declared independence from Great Britain. 


But it was not until two days later on July 4th that Congress agreed to all the edits on a document that would explain the political shift to the public.  Thus why the Declaration has the date July 4th written on the top; it was the date the last version of the document was approved.


Be ready for this upcoming holiday week by reading more about the timeline of events leading up to July 4th, 1776 on this article published by The National Constitution Center.


And if you're a teacher considering taking your students to Philadelphia this upcoming school year, take a look through our many different Philadelphia itineraries.  


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