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New Actor to Play Jefferson at Monticello

jefferson-1There's a familiar face coming back to Monticello.  As the Hamilton lyrics state, "Thomas Jefferson is coming home." 


Renowned historical actor/interpreter Bill Barker is coming to Monticello beginning June 14th.  And he is no stranger to the part. 


Prior to his new residence at Monticello, Barker portrayed Jefferson at Colonial Williamsburg for over 25 years and before that at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  Barker has even brought Jefferson to life on T.V., appearing on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN and even Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. 


“Portraying Thomas Jefferson – in all his genius and complexity – is a daunting challenge, yet Bill Barker has succeeded where some of Hollywood’s finest have failed,” said Monticello President Leslie Greene Bowman. “Bill’s knowledge, experience, and passion for his subject are unparalleled.  We are proud that he will bring Thomas Jefferson home to enliven and deepen the experience of our visitors with Jefferson’s immense contributions to the new nation. He will also assist us in conveying an honest, complicated, and inclusive history of freedom and slavery at Monticello.”


You can read more about Barker's role at Monticello here.




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