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New Study: Museum-Goers May Live Longer Lives

KidsatMuseum-1Is attending more museums part of your New Year's Resolution?  It should be!  Researchers in London have published a study that suggests that being exposed to the arts - museums, opera, theater, etc. - may help people actually live longer.



The study, published in the BMJ (formerly known as The British Medical Journal), followed thousands of adults over the age of 50 during a 14-year period.  Those who attended a museum or a theater event like a concert or opera were 14 percent less likely to die during that period.  


These findings were regardless of socioeconomic status or education level.


In fact, people who visited a museum or theater at least once every few months had a 31 percent reduced risk of dying during that period. 


The good news is that at NationsClassroom, we love museums!  Museums are often one of the most engaging aspects in NationsClassroom tour itineraries.  


We couldn’t possibly pick our favorite - but we’ve included links to our licensed tour guide’s advice and suggestions when visiting some of the most popular U.S. Museums below:


Washington, D.C. Museums:

Other Historic East Coast Museums:


For more information, please Browse Our Tours or Request Information from our team of student travel consultants. 


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