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Thank You, Teachers!

As a student travel company, we work with some of the best teachers out there. They go the extra miles (literally... miles) to make a difference in the lives of their students. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work, dedication, and most importantly, your ability to inspire so many people, including us.
This week, our Student Travel Consultants honor the teachers who have most influenced us over the years and we share the reasons why each teacher holds a special place in our hearts. 


Mrs. Jenny Gallo,  English - Grade 12

“Mrs. Gallo taught me that writing could be fun that there was more to writing papers than just reading a book and writing a report about it. She also let us pick books that interested us to read instead of just giving us an assignment. She could relate to her students very well and cared for us on a personal level.”

Honored by Bridget Barlow - Student Travel Consultant with NationsClassroom

Mrs. Lisa Barrett (Sigler), U.S. Government

“Ms. Barrett explained law and government in a way that helped me see history through a new lens. The curiosity that she sparked ultimately inspired me to became a social studies teacher and to take my own students to Washington, D.C. to be inspired in their own ways. Most importantly, she cared about me on a personal level and the same is true for so many of her students whom she has mentored and supported through the years.”

Honored by Julie Leonhardt - Student Travel Consultant with NationsClassroom






Ms. Louise Uchaczyk, U.S. Government, U.S. History and Independent Study

“Ms. "U"  met me at my level to learn while also pushing me and stretching me. She developed an Independent Study on "The History of Sports," which tied into my dual loves of history and sports. Just as significantly, she had Veterans visit our class when we were studying World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. We learned a lot from their time with us and we were able to show our appreciation for their sacrifices.  However, what sticks out the most was a tour of Newport, RI. We viewed the mansions as a way to bring The Great Gatsby to life. She partnered with our American Authors teacher, Ms. Bautz, to organize the trip. The tour totally changed my interest in the book, which impacted me tremendously. Ultimately, the tour helped develop my passion for educational travel that drives me today.”

Honored by Jay Bloxsom - Student Travel Consultant with NationsClassroom

Mr. Newmann, High School Mathematics

“His confident method of presenting and explaining the mathematical properties to his class made us all feel like we could learn and understand MATH. As students we would compete to see who could finish the homework first. One of my greatest joys as a teacher was to be requested by him to substitute teach in his class for him.”

Honored by Madeline Wyatt - Student Travel Consultant with NationsClassroom


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