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Attending Field Trips Linked to Stronger Test Scores, School Engagement, and Social-Emotional Skills

Researchers at the University of Arkansas’ National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab have released two papers with some significant implications for classroom teachers and parents: students who attend multiple arts field trips have higher levels of social-emotional skills, stronger school engagement, and higher standardized test scores.  

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Last Chance! Nominate Student for Road Scholarship

Attention Teachers, Administrators and Program Directors!  Friday is the last day to nominate a K-12 student for a Road Scholarship through the SYTA Youth Foundation!    Learn more about this unique opportunity to assist student travelers in financial need.  

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Application Window Open for the Road Scholarship for Need-Based Travel Assistance

Teachers, Administrators, and Program Leaders now have the opportunity through November 15, 2019 to nominate students in grades K-12 for the Student and Youth Travel Assocation's (SYTA) Youth Foundation's Road Scholarship.  Learn more about this opportunity to assist student travelers in financial need.  

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Students Can Exceed Curriculum Standards on a School Trip

Posted by Julie Leonhardt, Teacher and Student Travel Consultant on Oct 7, 2019 7:59:43 AM

Most teachers love being in the classroom and watching our hours of lesson planning come to life. But the most meaningful teaching moments for me have been outside of the classroom walls on school trips.


While we know how meaningful these experiences are for the kids, teachers often have to prove the value of a class trip. 


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3 Things Your Students Learn on a School Trip that Aren't in the Textbooks

Posted by Julie Leonhardt, Teacher and Student Travel Consultant on Jul 24, 2019 4:26:22 PM

When you travel with “your kids,” you get to be there for important milestones in their lives. For some students, it will be their first time on an airplane or coach bus, or their first hotel stay without a parent.


It’s important to include the personal growth students will experience in addition to curricular connections when you are seeking approval for your trip or talking about the value of a student trip with families. 

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6 Tips for Incorporating Travel Experiences in College Application Essays

The final weeks of school are upon us.  Teachers across the nation are wrapping up curriculum and even the most fastidious students are starting to zone out and dream of the weeks of summer vacation that lie ahead.  

As a high school English teacher, this time of year always proved to be a challenging time for me in regards to student engagement.  And the best way I’ve found to fight low engagement is to bring opportunities for authentic writing into the classroom.

What is likely the most high-stakes, authentic piece of writing for most college-bound students?  

Their college application essays.  

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