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Study Links Personal Development with Student Travel

A survey of almost 1,500 U.S.-based teachers, commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA), found what we at NationsClassroom already know to be true: teachers believe that travel is instrumental to a child’s growth and development.

Travel tied to your curriculum will naturally result in academic gains and increased knowledge retention. In fact, we have an entire blog post dedicated to how students can exceed curriculum standards on a school trip.   

But aside from curriculum gains, the study reported in Travel and Leisure Magazine found that 74 percent of educators believed that travel has “a very positive impact on students’ personal development.”  

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5 Questions Parents Should Ask About a School Trip

Posted by Christina Nicol, Student Travel Consultant on Jun 26, 2020 11:00:00 AM

If you had asked us six months ago what the three most common concerns parents had before sending their students on a school trip, I would have said affordability, what’s included, and security. It almost seems like six months ago was an entirely different world.


Nowadays, when a teacher announces an upcoming field trip, most parents begin asking “Is it safe to travel?” Parents, more than anyone, want to make sure it’s safe for their kids to begin exploring before sending them out on trips again.


Here are five questions parents should ask about school trips and why it is important to know the answers.

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Top Ten Social Effects of Student Travel

Posted by Stephanie Kelly, High School Teacher and Instructional Coach on Jun 15, 2020 12:00:00 PM

The Student & Travel Youth Travel Association administered a global survey of over 2,000 teachers and tour leaders over the course of two years to study the impact of youth travel on our students. Their findings suggest that "in the current globalized world, travel represents a vital learning experience, and not simply a luxury."  Travel provides relevance to today's students, who are often inundated with standardized tests and curriculum.  

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Topics: Emotional growth of tweens and teens, Benefits of Student Travel

Attending Field Trips Linked to Stronger Test Scores, School Engagement, and Social-Emotional Skills

Researchers at the University of Arkansas’ National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab have released two papers with some significant implications for classroom teachers and parents: students who attend multiple arts field trips have higher levels of social-emotional skills, stronger school engagement, and higher standardized test scores.  

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6 Tips for Incorporating Travel Experiences in College Application Essays

The final weeks of school are upon us.  Teachers across the nation are wrapping up curriculum and even the most fastidious students are starting to zone out and dream of the weeks of summer vacation that lie ahead.  

As a high school English teacher, this time of year always proved to be a challenging time for me in regards to student engagement.  And the best way I’ve found to fight low engagement is to bring opportunities for authentic writing into the classroom.

What is likely the most high-stakes, authentic piece of writing for most college-bound students?  

Their college application essays.  

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Teacher Shares Experiences on School Trips with NationsClassroom

Posted by John Wheeler, Trip Leader and Middle School Teacher on Jan 15, 2019 10:19:35 AM

Curious what it's like to be a teacher trip leader while on a class trip with NationsClassroom?  Middle School teacher John Wheeler first started taking students to Washington, D.C. in 1993 - and has never looked back.  In today's blog post, John shares his experiences traveling with students and NationsClassroom tour guides:


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Topics: Curriculum standards and student travel, Trip Leader Tips, Benefits of Student Travel

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