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Treaties with Native Nations on View at the National Archives at New York City

archivesThis year, the National Archives at New York City opened a new exhibit titled “Be it Remembered: Treaties with Native Nations.” The exhibit is located in the recently-transformed first floor of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in lower Manhattan, now a dedicated museum space.


The semi-permanent exhibit allows visitors to view over ten facsimiles of Native American treaties including The Treaty of Fort George (1722), The Treaty with the Delaware (1778), The Muscogee Treaty (1790), and the Treaty of Canandaigua (1794) among others.  

According to Dorothy Dougherty, Programs Director at the National Archives in New York, “Legally binding and still in effect, Federal treaties are meaningful sources of rights for Native people...We wanted to bring a different perspective to the public about the records we hold here.  Many visitors already know that we showcase records on Ellis Island and immigration-—both valuable genealogy tools.”

The historians at the National Archives are also continuing to develop their online research aids, programs, and hands-on projects relating to interactions between the Federal Government and Native People nationwide through their Native Communities Program.

Read more about the “Be it Remembered” exhibit.  (National Archives photo by Dorothy Dougherty).

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