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Virgina is for Learners: Educational Offerings at the American Civil War Museum

What to do for kids who don't go on the field trip-1The American Civil War Museum is a multi-site museum comprised of three different museum sites: the Museum & White House of the Confederacy and the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar in Richmond and the Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox located 90 miles outside of Richmond.  The three museums merged in 2013 and offer visitors an unprecedented look at the Civil War.


This multi-site museum is uniquely tailored to educators and learners, offering visitors experiences with varying levels of involvement and time-commitments to meet your group’s needs.  

Self Guided Tours:

Each museum location offers a visitors the freedom of a self-guided tour.  While students will have more freedom with this option, trip leaders can rely on the museum’s carefully selected stopping points with thought-provoking questions, detailed background information, and compelling discussion ideas to make sure student engagement stays high.

But if you’re looking to give your students a more guided and interactive experience, educators can choose from many different student programs offered by the American Civil War Museum. Below is a sample of the most recent offerings at both of the Richmond museum locations.

Historic Tredegar Location:

Brown’s Island Tour: Explore the entire Civil War from a quarter-mile walk along the James River, from the iron works that cast cannon used to fire on Fort Sumter in April of 1861 to President Abraham Lincoln visiting Richmond in April of 1865. What were women, children, free and enslaved African American people doing during the War? What were conditions really like in prison camps? Encounter local stories of triumph and tragedy that exemplify life—and death—for many people during the War.

Length: 45 minutes Standards

The Civil War Soldier: Boredom, Blisters, and Bullets Soldiers spent the majority of their time not fighting in battles but living in camp or making long treks across the South. Many men were away from home for the first time, adjusting to life with little food and lots of company. How did they stay busy? Was living in camp any safer than fighting on the battlefield? Experience some of what filled a soldier’s day from recruitment to drill practice, and witness a demonstration firing of a rifle musket. Length: 30 minutes

Tredegar History Tour (Coming soon):  Tredegar History Tour (Coming soon) Tredegar Iron Works was the Confederacy’s most important industrial complex during the Civil War. In peacetime, it supplied the vast expansion of the railroad industry; in war, it produced the largest number of cannon in the Confederacy. Discover the historic buildings on site, the vital role of the iron works, and the diverse people who worked there. Length: 45 minutes

White House of the Confederacy Location:

White House of the Confederacy Tour: Journey through the house that served as home to Confederate president Jefferson Davis during the Civil War, restored to what it looked like during Davis’s stay. Who else lived in, worked in, or visited the home during the War? What can their stories tell us about life at a time when Americans of all walks of life were experiencing immense heartache and suffering while maintaining hope for the future?

Online Resources:

For students who stay behind from the trip, the American Civil War Museum’s website offers learners a rich collection of primary documents and resources that can be explored without leaving the classroom.  The documents are easily organized by theme, grade level, or format, making it easy for teachers to integrate these non-fiction texts, letters, and photographs into the curriculum.

If you are interested in making Richmond, Virginia a stop on one of your school trips, please contact us directly.


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