Educators Planning School Trips

In these uncertain times, we know that finding an educational tour partner that you can trust is more important than ever as you seek to successfully travel again in 2021 and beyond. 


Our teacher partners have found our tours to be simple and gratifying for them, safe and inspiring for  students, and transparently and reasonably priced for parents. That is how we have provided educational tours to nearly 70,000 students since our founding in 2008. 


Learn about  Health and Safety Assurances and updated our Travel Confidently Refund Program


Partnering with NationsClassroom is simple:


1. Book a Zoom or Call so we can answer your questions and learn more about your needs.


2. We'll create a customized tour just for you and your students.


3. Travel confidently with our Travel Confidently Guarantee.


Are you ready to provide a hands on learning experience for your students?

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liberty - School Trip Planning

Safety is Our Top Priority

We can answer your questions about our Health & Safety Assurances.

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liberty - School Trip Planning

Travel Confidently Program

An extra layer of trust to invest for your student's educational tour program. Details Here >

liberty - School Trip Planning

Tour Quality Guarantee

Should our tour not meet or exceed the tour leaders expectations, we will refund 10% to each full paying participant. Learn more >

Love To Travel?

Teachers, Parents, and Students Trust NationsClassroom


“We did it! Thank you so much for the amazing effort to provide us with such a great experience. My kids really needed this and you guys really came through. I don’t know of any other company that could have thought so creatively to provide such a great experience while keeping everyone safe.“


- Laurie B., Teacher, Nebraska



"I love you guys. You are the best. I can’t wait to start working on next years trip. If we can turn this trip this year with the government shutdown into one of the best trips I've ever taken with my kids then I can only imagine what next year brings. Thanks again for a great trip!"


 - Rich A., Parent, California



"The staff at Nations Classroom has a special way of connecting with our staff, parents, and most important…our students. Their knowledge and expertise supersedes my exceptions every year. We love and appreciate the relationship with Nations Classroom. Thanks for always going the extra distance to make our trip fun, educational and memorable for our students, parents and staff. You put a huge smile on the faces of so many people…including mine. Looking forward to working with “ya’ll” next year."  


- Carla J., Teacher, Lexington, Kentucky



"After working with another mega tour company, I was so happy to find an experienced tour company that puts people first. I could relax because I knew from our first conversation that your people LOVE what they do and they put their hearts into doing their best for our kids. Thank you for all you do!"  


- Katie S., Teacher, Wisconsin