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The Horse Statue Symbolism... Fact or Myth?

Gettysburg BannerThe Kentucky Derby just wrapped up last weekend and we’ve got horses on our mind.  Many of the statues our student groups visit commemorating American Civil War soldiers are posed on horses.  But have you heard the urban legend of the horse statue hoof symbolism?


What is the horse statue myth?  


According to the urban legend, if the statue shows the horse posed with both front hooves up in the air, the rider died in battle.  If the horse is posed with one front leg up, it means the rider was wounded in battle or died of battle wounds. And if all four hooves are on the ground, the rider died from causes outside of battle.


So is there any truth to the myth?


While there are plenty of statues that follow the “rule” of the hoof positions, particularly with statues commemorating Gettysburg soldiers, there are at least nine instances where the rule does not hold for Gettysburg statues.


Subsequently, most historians do not believe the myth.  


“To the best of anyone’s knowledge, the position and pose of the statue do not signify anything,” said Frances Pollard, a curator at the Virginia Historical Society.


Do you have a favorite equestrian statue?  Does it follow the "hoof" urban legend?  Comment below!


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