2019 was an exciting year for NationsClassroom and we love sharing our experiences, tips, advice, and love of travel with you on our blog.  As we reflect on our most favorite experiences of 2019, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular blog posts.

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NationsClassroom Top 5 Blog Posts in 2019:

5.  What You Need to Know about Changes Coming to TSA and Airports in 2020:  There are important changes coming to airport security in 2020.  We encourage school groups planning trips in 2020 to consider the changes to TSA security, particularly in regards to adult trip chaperones… [read on] 

4.  Be Washington: A High School Teacher’s Review of the New Interactive Game:  As the nation’s first president, George Washington faced a series of difficult decisions, all with major implications for our young nation.  The premise of the virtual game is simple:  Given the same information that Washington had, what decision would you have made?…[read on]   

3.  New Actor to Play Jefferson at MonticelloThere’s a familiar face coming back to Monticello.  As the Hamilton lyrics state, “Thomas Jefferson is coming home.” Renowned historical actor/interpreter Bill Barker is coming to Monticello beginning June 14th.  And he is no stranger to the part…[read on]

2.  Six Tips for Incorporating Travel Experiences in College Application EssaysThe final weeks of school are upon us.  Teachers across the nation are wrapping up curriculum and even the most fastidious students are starting to zone out and dream of the weeks of summer vacation that lie ahead.  As a high school English teacher, this time of year always proved to be a challenging time for me in regards to student engagement.  And the best way I’ve found to fight low engagement is to bring opportunities for authentic writing into the classroom… [read on]

1. The Cost of School Trips & How to Explain the Value:  Next to safety, the most common question on the minds of parents when it comes to a school trip is, “How much is it going to cost?” It doesn’t matter if you teach in the wealthiest zip code in the country, price is always part of the conversation. There are so many competing interests for a family’s financial resources, so it makes sense that the investment in a school trip be worthwhile and understood.  Let’s walk through five ways to explain the price of an educational or performance tour and three ways to make sure the value of the experience is understood by families… [read on]

To learn more about popular student travel destinations, browse tours here Happy New Year from our team at NationsClassroom!